The Team

Both Wil and David set up creating an event that all people would be welcome to attend, where everyone could have a great time and leave wanting more but missing the event that had just been.  The objective was – to make sure what ever they wanted and expected of an event, would be what they would offer.  This would not be an easy task, they both worked for 12 months with their hand picked team to create FCD 2015.

FCD 2015 had an amazing turn out.  Granted there were a few teething issues, but all in all, nothing too bad and the team handled everything to the best of their ability.

What makes the FCD Team different to a number of other events, simple, they all get involved and interact with the public, not because they should, but because they want to and this makes the sense of friends and extended family as a result.

Moving forward, Wil, David and the team will always be working towards the next event being bigger, better than the previous ones.

FCD events have a number goals:
– To put on the best event possible
– To break the mold and offer something different
– Best venues
– Value for money
– Raising money for charity
– Plenty of smiles and laughter
– Leaving the visitor wanting more

FCD EVENTS : To be the best we can and to be unique



alison        adam

fudge        john


andrew    georgie    martin

tony    michael    karen

amy    kevin-p    beata

simon    sheridan    leah

kevin        sonali

    emily    susan


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