Welcome to the World of FCD Events

We are renowned for holding extraordinary Sci-Fi events and pride ourselves on how personal and memorable our events are.

Our events are neither too big nor too small, but more the Goldilocks effect. They are relaxed, but not boring but entertaining enough without losing that personal touch.  

Most of the guests mingle with us, which makes it feel as though you are with them for the whole event, especially if you are staying in the venue hotel. You never know who you may bump into at breakfast time, and on occasions, and it has been known in the past, some guests have chosen to join some of our Framily at this morning meal for a bit of a chat. (However, we do ask people to give them space and rather they come to you, than you bombard them).  

If you have never been to one of our events before, we are friends you have not met yet, and it will not be long before you feel part of our family, which is why we call you Framily (Friends/Family) instead of attendees. 

With a lot of soul, passion, blood sweat and tears, our experienced and creative team always bring fantastic con events to life, in which you can enjoy the fascinating memories with other like-minded old and new friends and enjoy those magical moments together within the Fan community. 

So, who is who? 

Firstly, we have Wil Ross and David Limburg, the two co-founders and company directors and like all of us, first and foremost they are geeks, and both love anything Sci-Fi. 

Wil is married to Jo, they have three wonderful children, and he works full time.  


David is single (but looking) has his own business and two beautiful cats. 

You will meet both at the event, even if it is them flying past trying to keep the event on its time schedule. 


Secondly, we have the Management Team. (Blue Shirts): 

Alison Dax – Welcome/Sales desk manager and team leader to all the event staff. Dax is more than likely the first person who will greet you at the event. 


Erika Stroem (Mama Nox) - PA to Wil and David, social media manager and runs the “Ask Erika Table” at the events. (Information desk). 


Adam Dolphin – Adam is manager of the Photo-Op’s at the event, and he is also responsible for all our main artwork. 


Jenny Brown – Jenni is manager of the pit crew, who look after all our guests. 


Sheridan Irvine – Asst Manager of sales and co runs our website. 


Simon Irvine – Stage Manager and co runs our website. 


Adrian Keeley – Manager and Wizz-kid of all the tech issues. 


The innovative team behind the scenes, try and bring you the events they would love to attend, as they are fans, working for the fans. 


Main Event Crew will be in black shirts. 


Additional helpers will be in red shirts.