FCD Events: FCD2020 CoVid19 Event planning

There are 4 stages to our planning of FCD2020 in which we will use a colour coded threat level system as our guide “CLEAR”, “GREEN”, “AMBER” & “RED”

This will guide us based on government rules & guidance as to what COVID19 measures are put in place and just how strong those measures are. We will be constantly monitoring the situation making changes and adjustments to fit the current circumstances at the time but we felt it was time to share with you just what we have got in place so far. Every two weeks we will post up what our current threat level is as well as make adjustments to our plans as new information & guidance becomes available.


In the highly unlikely event that there is zero new CoVid cases either in the UK or US Or a global vaccine is widely available then there will be minimal restrictions on the event other than recommended government social distancing rules.


This will mean that the UK & The USA has successfully emerged from the COVID19 crisis with new infection rates dropping to an absolute minimum with restriction free travel allowed between the countries meaning our ability to host this event as billed will be allowed to go forward as planned but with some restrictions still in place such as social distancing etc. Some of the amber rules will still apply but in a more relaxed fashion.

  1. A larger amount people per day will be allowed to enter the venue including walk ins.

  2. The event will remain a minimum contact event but it will be little more relaxed allowing for limited contact between guests & attendees which will be entirely the individual guest to decide on. Notices will be placed above the guest to give further information such as “Fist bumps Allowed” “Selfies allowed” or “zero contact”.

  3. While we will not encourage selfies, individual guests may allow them (see above).

  4. Friday night & Saturday night parties will take place as normal..


This will mean the event can go ahead but on a scaled back level to its current billing. This is likely to be an event with guests that do not travel from the USA or any region where COVID19 levels are still deemed too high to avoid a two week isolation period consisting of top(where possible)British & European guests.

However, if International travel restrictions are lifted but COVID19 is still deemed to be high we will bring over a limited number of US based guests. This will be decided by the number of individual photo ops/autographs pre-sold as well as a group poll.

The remaining rules will be as follows:

  1. A capped number of attendees per day plus guests & crew will be allowed to enter the venue. This is likely to be those who bought pre-sale tickets only with no walk ins allowed.

  2. Thermal imaging equipment will possibly be used on all attendees, guests & crew before being allowed to enter the venue’s event suite.

  3. Random wellness checks will be conducted throughout the weekend by our onsite medical staff.

  4. Event social distancing measures will be in place based on the current guidelines of 1m between attendees.

  5. Autograph & photo op lines will be strictly controlled allowing only 25 people to stand in line at any one time.*

  6. Social distancing measures will be in place during all talks with at least one seat free between each individual or couple(group).*
    * Face mask will be optional unless current rules change they will not be required to be worn during the event, standing in line or during talks.

  7. The event will be a limited contact event meaning there will be zero contact between guests & attendees(this will be reviewed as some guests may allow limited contact such as fist bumps etc however under an amber light we will not be recommending any contact at all.

  8. No guest selfies will be allowed as most selfies involve a form of contact. This will be strictly controlled during the event.

  9. Photo ops will be allowed to take place but also inline with social distancing rules to be observed. We are working on ideas to include fun themes as well as screens that do not appear on photos but we will not do anything that impacts the quality or experience of the photo ops. If we feel we can not achieve a high quality experience for all then we will look at alternative options for photography including using green screens etc.

  10. We may use perspex screens in key areas including check in, sales desk etc.

  11. All cash sales will be kept to an absolute minimum of fuss with no coin change given only notes. All attendees will be advised to bring the correct amount of money or pay via credit, debit card or via PayPal on site.

  12. The Friday night meal will take place on the Saturday evening to compact the amount of time in the venue to allow for minimum deep cleaning time between event days.

  13. The Saturday night party will be held on a first come first serve basis and held in our private bar area plus a small area of the main event room.

  14. We will be reminding people about personal hygiene throughout the event including hand washing etc

  15. Hand sanitizers will be EVERYWHERE!!


Under a RED light we will not run this event.

This will be for the following but not limited to the reasons below:

  1. Government still has a ban in place on ticketed events.

  2. Global International travel restrictions are reinstated.

  3. Local lockdowns are still in effect in more than 5 areas.

  4. Telford itself is subject to a local lockdown.

  5. Ticket sales are falling below the required level to make the event financially viable as a direct result of COVID19 & the associated rules etc.

  6. FCD Events feels not enough has been done by the venue to ensure the health and safety of our attendees, guests & team members.

Further Information

Please understand that the COVID19 situation is ever changing & evolving.

While we have worked very hard to put these measures in place we do understand that no matter what we do it will still not be enough for some people to attend this event. If we reach a point where we feel that we can no longer provide the safe environment we aim to create we will simply postpone the event until a later date as WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE ON ANYONE’S SAFETY.

Track and Trace


This will allow us to contact you privately & directly should anyone attending the event begin to show signs & symptoms of COVID19 to warn you.


If you do not wish to fill out a track & trace form you will be asked to sign an “opt out waiver” which removes any liability towards The FCD Events (Group) Ltd in the event you show symptoms meaning you take responsibility for informing attendees of FCD2020 but you do not wish to be contacted should someone who attended the event show symptoms.

Any information provided will NOT be shared with anyone outside of The Directors or their appointed representatives of The FCD Events (Group) ltd and will only be used to contact you if needed.

All information will be destroyed 12 weeks after the last day of the event.