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The Bad, The Ugly, The Good and The Even Better!!

The Bad

Last night, 19th February 2022, via our live online broadcast we announced the immediate postponement of our Dawn of the Federation event this year.

With the full support of our venue sponsors & partners, This decision was taken after an emergency meeting was called with our business & financial team who altered us to an alarming lack of ticket sales for this event.

To put it bluntly, after being asked by many hundreds of people to resurrect our Star Trek events, to be 6 weeks away from the original dates but to have only sold 67 tickets is an appalling return for the investments of money, time and effort’s already made.

Simply put, in order to make this event financially viable we needed to be at 367+ Tickets sold.

This is made harder to achieve when you see harden Trekkies booking tickets for other events taking place the same weekend as DOtT it is unimaginably frustrating.

Unlike in years gone by, David & I can no longer financially support the events and after having a real heart to heart together we worked out that to go forward with DOtF we would need to put in £10,000 and then hope that sales would pick up extremely quickly but taking the heart driven emotional factor away and actually using our brain, both David & I know that we would lose that money.

And, personally speaking I can not afford to do that for something that is supposed to be fun & a hobby.

Especially not in these post covid, brink of war, ever increasing cost of living uncertain times we now find ourselves in. I have a wife & 3 children to think about and no matter how much I love events, no matter how much I want to go forward I will not risk my own financial future over something that has clearly proved to be an unpopular event in the first place. 67 ticket sales proves that.



On March 11th & 12th 2023 FCD:Not another Sci-fi Con will be taking place at The Mercure In Telford!!


On July 1st & 2nd 2023 Cal Mah: Reloaded will be taking place again at The Mecure in Telford!!


On October 28th & 29th Our B5/BSG event 2259 will be taking place at The Mercure In Telford!!

All ticket sales will open in March for ALL EVENTS*

We will now enter a short rest period to recharge ourselves after the disappointment of what’s happened, if you need to contact us please do so via email BUT do not send us messages and because of the stupid way Facebook now works we are not likely to see your comments so anything you do want to ask is best done via email to wil@fcdevents.com Or askerika@fcdevents.com.

*If you have tickets for any of those events they remain valid, you do not have to do anything just bring a copy of your confirmation email and you are in!!

Please note that as per the agreed terms & conditions of sale. Your tickets are not refundable but also not transferable to other events except the event you originally booked for**. So if you booked for Cal Mah, your ticket is only valid for Cal Mah.


** As a goodwill gesture, If you are not able to attend the new dates, subject to agreement with FCD Events we will allow you to transfer your ticket to a future event.

The Ugly

Dawn of the Federation will now take place in April 2023, where we have already secured some top guests (subject to contract & exact date confirmation) from Strange New Worlds, Discovery as well as DS9, Voyager and TNG (almost)!!! We are also working hard to secure guests from Picard, Enterprise & Lower Decks!!