Q. Can I buy tickets on the day? 

A. If we do not exceed the venues capacity, tickets will be sold on the day. However, we cannot guarantee entry once capacity has been met. So, it would be best to contact us before you set out. 

Q. How can I pay for my tickets? 

A. We sell the tickets through Ticket Tailor with a PayPal link. If you do not have PayPal, contact us and we will try to sort out an alternative for you. 

Q. Do I need to print ticket conformation to bring with me? 

A. You can provide conformation on a mobile phone or other device. 

Q. Can I bring my carer in free?  

A. We do a carer package. Please contact us beforehand. 

Q. Can I bring my child in free? 

A. Yes if your child is under 12. But please note that anyone under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a paying adult. 

Q. If I cannot get to the event, can I get a refund?  

A. No… We ask you to consider before you buy an event ticket, that they are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


Q. If a guest cancels will I get my auto/photo money back? 

A. If you have bought an auto/photoshoot which states it is for a specific guest, then yes. 

Q. Can I bring an object to have signed and will there be any extra charge? 

A. Yes you can get most things signed (we do reserve considerations to some parts of the body and even then, it would be up to the guest). The signing will be then in place of a signed photo. 

Q. Are selfies charged for at the show? 

A. Yes. Price TBC. 

Q. I forgot to get my photo/auto… will I get my money back? 

A. No, as this money will already have been allocated to the guest. 

Q. Can you have more than one person in a Photoshoot? 

A. No, unless they also have a valid photoshoot voucher, then you will get a photo for each of you. However, you may do two different poses with the said guest, but not on different days. 

Q. Can I get a digital copy of my photo? 

A. Yes you can, but this will be an extra charge of £5, as it is not included in the photoshoot price. Let photo-ops know this when you are there, and they will take your details. 

Q. Can I get an autograph from a guest from your event if I cannot attend? 

A. Yes you can, but this will have to be payed for in advance and there will be an extra charge for P&P. 

Q. Can I get a photo from a guest if I cannot attend? 

A. Believe it or not… Yes… send an A4 size photo of yourself and we will get the guest to hold the photo whilst having the photo done. We can also arrange for it to be signed for the additional autograph fee. (P&P will be extra, and all costs must all be paid for up-front).  


Q. What is the address of the venue? 

Mercure Telford Centre Hotel  

Forge Gate 
Telford Centre 

Tel: +441952217680 

Fax: (+44)1952/217681 

Contact email: HB537@ACCOR.COM 

Check-in from 14h00 - Check out up to 12h00 

Q. Are there any other hotels nearby? 

A. Nearby Hotels and places to stay; - 

Park Inn by Radisson  Forge Gate, Telford TF3 4NA•01952 429988 

Ramada Hotel Forge Gate, Telford TF3 4NA•01952 425000 

Premier Inn Telford Central Euston Way, Telford TF3 4LY•0871 527 9082 

Premier Inn Southwater Way, Telford TF3 4DE•0871 527 9500 

Holiday Inn St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4EH•01952 527000 

Travelodge Telford Hotel Southwater Way, Telford TF3 4BF•08719 846535 

International Hotel St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4EA•01952 521600 

Maybe you want to have some of your spare time, away from it all and see the sights of Telford, or even have a round of golf?  

One thing which Telford does not lack in, is hotels and the internet is full of them, with a bit of searching, you are bound to find one which best meets your needs. 

(There are some smaller hotels and B & Bs, available on the net… Too many to list). 

If funds are your problem, Telford also has a hostel, clean and reasonably priced: - 

YHA Ironbridge Coalport High St, Coalport, Telford TF8 7HT•0345 371 9325  

Fancy a lodge cabin, self-contained… holds up to four people: - 

Ironbridge Lodge Holidays  Wynn’s Coppice, Telford TF4 3QE•07900 065179 

Or even places to camp if you fancy that route: - 

Irongorge Camping Strethill Road, Coalbrookdale TF8 7EY•01952 433047 

Q. Is there parking at the venue? 

A. Yes, quite a good amount, but it is first come first serve basis. Please note, parking is free, but book your vehicle Reg. at the reception on arrival. Or you could face a hefty parking fine. 


Q. Is there disabled parking? 

A. Yes, but these are limited and will also be on a first come first serve basis. 


Q. How do I get to the venue? 

A. We have a copy of a map on our Webpage and on our Social media sites. 


Q. What are the hours of the event? 

A. This will depend on your ticket type. We do put up an itinerary before the event, but as a guideline only, for regular day/weekend entry tickets it will probably be 10am till 5pm both days. But this could be subject to change. 


Q. Will I have to queue? 

A. Whilst we do everything in our power, some queues are inevitable. If you do have a disability and know you will have problems, please either contact us beforehand, or bring something with you to prove your disability. (As not all disabilities can be seen). 


Q. Is there wheelchair access? 

A. Yes 


Q. Can I bring my dog? 

A. No, unless it is a working dog, but we would need to see it’s certificate. 


Q. Is there food available to purchase at the venue?  

A. Yes there will be food to purchase at the venue (You cannot bring your own food or drinks into the venue). There are also nearby (approx.10 minute walk) food outlets available where you can eat at. (See map). 


Q. Is there anywhere to get changed at the venue? 

A. Unless you have a hotel room at the venue, or know someone who does, the answer would be no. However, the rest rooms at the hotel are very spacious. 


Q. Are there any cashpoints? 

A. There are no cashpoints at the venue, but there are cashpoints available (See map) 


Q. Is it okay to leave and re-enter the venue? 

A. Yes, as you will either have a wristband or ticket, which must be shown upon re-entry. 


Q. How many attendees do you expect to be at your event? 

A. 500 approx. 


Q. Is there a cloakroom to leave my coat or belongings? 

A. Best to ask at the hotel reception. 


Q. Do you have a list of nearby hotels, and are there any with a discount code? 

A. We have a list of nearby hotels on our Webpage and on our Social media sites. But none offer a discount code. We suggest you book early for better prices and for your own peace of mind, booking the flexible rates, in case you need to cancel for any reason. 


Q. Is there Wi-Fi at the venue? 

A. There is Wi-Fi, but it may be limited for the guests at the hotel only. 


Q. Is there security at the event? 

A. Yes, the venue have security and we also have our own security. 


Q. Can I take photos of Cosplayers? 

A.  It is courteous to ask permission to those you are photographing. Many of our cosplayers want to share their outfits with you but be nice to each other and respectful of their wishes if they say no. 

Q. I have emailed you, but not heard back. 

A. This could be a multitude of reasons. Firstly, check that you have our email address correct, then check your spam to make sure our reply has not ended up in there. If not re-send email and depending how close this is to the event, you should get a swift reply. If it is close to the event, we could be experiencing lots of traffic, so please be patient with us, we will get to you. If you query is urgent, please mark it as “Urgent” in the subject box. 


Q. Can I give the guest a gift?  

A. Not really. When you consider that most of our guests are international, please consider how they will get it back. Another thing to consider is, people try and buy a gift for the character they played and in real life, they possibly hate what the character likes. So, to save on embarrassment for you and the guest, it is best not to. 

Q. What is the complaints procedure? 

A. If you have a complaint please contact Wil or David direct if at the event, or if they are not immediately available, a member of the Management team (Blue Shirts) will help you locate them. Or if your complaint is before or after an event, email either or  


Q. What if I get bullied during the event? 

A. We do not condone bullying at all, and anti-bullying is an issue we feel very passionate about. If you feel you have been bullied in any way, please seek a member of the crew, who will put you in the right direction. Do not just put up with it, we need to know so it can be stamped out. 


Q. What if I feel ill? 

A. Find any member of the crew, who will take you to a quiet place and if required, will find one of our first aiders for you. 


Q. What if I do not speak very good English? 

A. Not a problem. We have computers and mobile phones available, which all do Google Translate and with a bit of time and patients, we will get there. We also have someone who does sign language. 


Q. Do you have a cosplay competition? 

A. We are hoping to do one this year. If we do, it will be announced on social media and on our website and you do not have to worry about pre-booking entry, as everything is done on the day. 


Q. What are the rules on carrying cosplay weapons? 

A. Common sense is a key factor on Cosplay weapons, and if they look too realistic, or we feel they can still do harm, they will be checked on entry and if we feel they are not suitable, they will be put aside till the end of the event. When outside or transporting any form of firearm prop to and from this event regardless of how realistic it looks, ensure it is completely hidden while travelling and be aware of bystanders when outside. Never assume a costume reassures people that the weapon is a prop. But if in doubt, contact us beforehand.  


Q. Are the talks free? 

A. Yes. 


During guest talks we would ask for you to stay quiet as the room echo’s and no flash photography.

If you do not wish your photo taken during any of the event, please let us know in advance, as often photos are taken for media purposes, or even the guests have often taken audience photos from the stage. 


Q. I would like to have a stall at your show…. How do I do this? 

A. Contact Wil via email  

Q. How many entry tickets do I get? 

A. Two regular entry per 1 space purchased. Tickets may vary for other deals. 

Q. What size are the tables? 

A. 5’ x 2’ approx. 


Q. Is there a backdrop? 

A. No, but you may bring your own. 


Q. Can I bring my own table? 

A. Yes, but this does not reflect on the price, as you are purchasing the space and the table is just complimentary. 


Q. What time am I allowed in to set up? 

A. Normally Friday PM 


Q. Are there any provisions for electric/lighting? 

A. Yes there is, but please let us know on your application that this is required, and we will do our best to position you near to an electric socket. Please note that all wires across any part of the floor must be made secure, by taping them down to avoid anyone tripping over them; this includes yourself. 


Q. Is my stuff safe overnight? 

A. Yes, the room will be out of bounds once we have all retired for the night. 

Staying Safe

Q. What safeguards will you be doing regarding COVID-19? 

A. We will be adhering with all Government recommendations at the times of the events. If we suspect anyone of having a high temperature, we will ask you to comply with our medical team, and if you do have a high temperature, you will be asked to leave. If you suspect you have any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you NOT to come to the event to respect the safety of others. Please also note that some people will not want to be hugged or touched. Please respect their wishes and do not get offended by their request, as it will not be personal. 


Q. How can I volunteer? 

A. Now and again, we do advertise for volunteers. This will be put on our sites on social media. However, not all people use social media and if you are interested in volunteering and would love to have an experience on the other side of events, send us an email to with your name and contact details, with a short blurb about yourself, and we will keep your details on file. You do not need to have previous experience, but more a passion and eagerness to help. 


Please note: we do a DBS check on all volunteers.